The secrets of Venetian jewelry

There are places in Venice where tradition is kept alive with calm, patience and talent

If you don't know jewelry, know the jeweler.

Warren Buffett

Each jewel is a miniature sculpture

Each "moretto" is unique, created to suit the taste of the individual client

Hidden secrets activated by invisible mechanisms

Traditional techniques, combined with modern technology, allow the creation of "moretto" jewelry, hand-sculpted in ebony, and dressed in clothes of gold and diamonds

Since 1932, the secrets of Venetian jewelry have been glittering in the diamonds, pearls and gold creations made at the Vergombello workshop
Unique items of fine jewelry, made with attention to the smallest details
"Moretti" brooches and rings hide small secrets unveiled by activating invisible mechanisms
The art of the Venetian goldsmith has been preserved for three generations by Guido, Roberto and Marta Vergombello

Close to St. Mark's Square

A tiny shop, hard to find and hard to forget

Laboratoire Vergombello

San Marco, 1565/A - Venise 
Tel. +39 041 523 7821